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Pshemek Drabczynski – ACE Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
Exercise at Home – Kickboxing/Yoga, Weight Training, Cardio

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Pshemek is a diverse, high quality In-Home Personal Trainer with a very high standards of integrity.

Pshemek Drabczynski is a polish native who studied Physical Education in Krakow – Poland. Pshemek is an ACE certified personal trainer with 26 years of practical experience. He is a positive educator specializing in Kickboxing, Body Conditioning and Yoga.

Pshemek Drabczynski Personal Fitness Trainer Pshemek is a well rounded lifetime athlete, experienced in competition with his greatest achievement being WKA North American Kickboxing Champion in 1995. He is also a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Full Contact Karate and BJJ Black Belt under Gracie Barra Irvine.
For over 11 years Pshemek has been living in OC, California where he has been working as a Personal In-home Trainer with a well established client base in California.

After successfully creating, building and running Columbia Martial Arts and Fitness Center for eight years in Vancouver BC, Pshemek decided to move to California to enhance and continue his career as a personal trainer. Having trained hundreds of people of all ages, Pshemek has positively changed and influenced many lives of his students. He has not only trained many champions in Martial Arts but also champions of life.

Pshemek Drabczynski Personal Fitness Trainer

Education University of Physical Education in Krakow-Poland

American Council on Exercise: Certified Personal Trainer
BCRPA Personal Trainer
Second Degree Black Belt in Karate
BJJ Black Belt under Gracie Barra
YogaFit Certified
Current First Aid with CPR

Exercise at Home – Kickboxing/Yoga, Weight Training, Cardio. We come to YOU so you can exercise in the privacy of your own home, backyard or office!

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My program and training methods combine 30 years experience in Martial Arts with more than 25 years experience as a Personal Trainer. I will introduce you to the best blend of Yoga, Weight Lifting, Combat Conditioning, Boxing/Kickboxing and Aquatics. Everything starts with movement and development of ability to move with ease. Modern humans became a specialist in very narrow fields of knowledge and activity. Our general life skills has diminished significantly therefore limiting our physical abilities and the simple need to move.

Our ancestors were skilled hunters, warriors, builders, protectors and they knew how to prepare the meals and climb trees, swim, make fire etc. The point is fitness should be general rather than more specialized. Therefore my training methods emphasize natural body weight training over heavy reliance on equipment. There is no “golden exercise”. Everything is based on delicate balance between “not too much” but “just enough” This can only be achieved by Cross-Training in variety of disciplines.

My unique program combines all aspects of human kinetics into well-balanced program that will always keep you fresh.

A complete fitness program must possess a few physical components:

Weight training/Body Weight Training

builds strength, increases the muscle tissue, strengthens joints and ligaments.


emphasizes flexibility, correct breathing, range of motion, balance, muscular endurance, core stability.

Combat Conditioning/Circuit Training

this is an interval type of training with the use of kettle bells, battling ropes, climbing, speed ladders and hurdles, sledge hammers, the goal is to maximize athletic performance. As a result of training in those components you will lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger and improve your body tone!!! *


combines elements of combativeness with coordination, timing and natural human reflexes of bobbing and weaving.

Muscle Gain
Muscle Gain
Here we are going to focus on resistance strength training. You will do a lot of weight lifting progressing from lighter to heavier weights. Your program will vary depending on your availability. You will increase muscle mass while decreasing fat tissue. You will get stronger, leaner and fitter. You will even change the way you walk.
Weight Loss
Weight Loss
This program includes training 3-6 times per week depending on how fast you want to lose weight. Methods of training will include resistance strength training, cardio and flexibility (Yoga). You will need to restrict high calorie foods while increasing healthy nutritious foods. You will have to make a certain lifestyle adjustments to accommodate exercise, rest and healthy meals preparation. If you go thru this program without fail, spectacular results will follow.
Sports Performance
Sports Performance
The training methods will depend on the type of sport you are in. Every sport has some sport specific exercises which can enhance performance in the sport. We will concentrate on determining and then targeting weak links in your body. For example: flexibility, speed, explosiveness, stamina, strength, core strength, agility etc. Whatever the issue the goal is to make you perform better in your chosen sport.
BJJ/MMA/ Self Defense
BJJ/MMA/ Self Defense
This program is meant for MMA enthusiast not aspiring MMA fighters. All of the training may be performed in home setting with all the safety precautions. All equipment necessary will be provided (including mats). If you are a current MMA practitioner you may need a training partner to practice and refine your grappling or striking techniques.
Injury Rehab
Injury Rehab
If you have a bad shoulder, bad back, bad knee or other injury you will most likely need to perform exercises for the affected area in order to strengthen surrounding tissues, muscles and ligaments. The saying goes "if you don't use it you lose it". Every injury can be rehabilitated if you employ a specific routine of low intensity exercises. Training methods may include aquatic rehab, resistance tubes, and medicine balls, wobble boards, balance trainers or other light weights. If you need to get back on track fast and injury hampers you, this is the way to go.


  • "lose the last most stubborn 10LB" ..I've been training with Pshemek for a year and he helped me lose the last most stubborn 10LB...*

    Shannon Pouzzoli
    Shannon Pouzzoli Shady Canyon, Irvine CA
  • ",..results in body strength, endurance, fat loss" Both my husband and I have been clients of Pshemek's for over 1 year and have thoroughly enjoyed every workout! We both have seen terrific results in body strength, endurance, fat loss, increase in muscle mass, and aerobic conditioning. The improvement in our overall core strength has been very noticable with trimmer waistlines and more muscle definition. Pshemek is an expert in yoga, weight training, kick-boxing, core drills, stretching and nutrition. We have experienced a considerable increase in elasticity due to the great stretching we do with each workout.*

    Joni and Bob Alter
    Joni and Bob Alter Corona Del Mar, CA
  • NEW! break thru many strength and flexibility plateaus... ....Being a long distance runner in the past and than playing basketball I experienced a lot of wear and tear, knee injury as well as tightness in my whole body. After training with Pshemek and using his principles of high intensity intervals of cross-training I was able to recover and break thru many strength and flexibility plateaus. For example now I can clean and jerk 150 pounds at 165 pounds of body weight and do 15 pull ups just to name a few...thanks Pshemek...*

    Jim Mackenzie
    Jim Mackenzie Orange CA
  • ",..improved my kickboxing skills tremendously" I first started training kickboxing with Pshemek in 1997. At that time I was just a twenty year old kid with a dream to fight in MMA. With Pshemek's coaching I improved my kickboxing skills tremendously and still remember his quality teaching to this day. Now I compete in Pride which is the biggest professional fighting organization in the world. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and professional trainer.*

    Denis Kang
    Denis Kang Florida, USA, UFC fighter, Pride Fighting Champion and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and a member of American Top Team
  • "...the next level of fitness and martial arts performance" I have known and trained with Pshemek since 1997. He helped me break through to the next level of fitness and martial arts performance. Pshemek is a trainer who understands that people have different needs and that fitness programs must be customized to adapt to the individual.*

    Stephan Kesting
    Stephan Kesting Vancouver, BC Professional Firefighter and BJJ Blackbelt
  • "I have lost over 40lbs and 4 inches from my waist" Two months ago my wife saved my life. She contacted Pshemek Drabczynski, the world's best home trainer and we started a 3-day a week plan of Yoga, weight training and boxing. Please, let me explain the changes in me in just the last eight weeks. I can now walk without a cane. I have lost over 40lbs and 4 inches from my waist, but the most dramatic change is my kidneys now have near normal function, my creatinine levels are now within normal range and my AC1 glucose levels are also within normal ranges. Did I mention that my blood pressure has dropped to the 110 / 120 range.*

    Steve and Lynette Hutton
    Steve and Lynette Hutton Please feel free to contact us at
  • ",..Thanks Pshemek for all that you do!" In the two years that Pshemek has been working with us we've seen a truly remarkable improvement in our physical conditioning. We've seen dramatic improvements in our skiing, golfing, dancing and biking, strength, balance and endurance. He brings many tools and variety to his workout program. But, most importantly, he brings a passion and commitment to helping his clients be all they can be. "Thanks Pshemek for all that you do!*

    Steve & Vivian Myers
    Steve & Vivian Myers Corona Del Mar, CA
  • ",..I have lost 25 pounds." I have been training with Pshemek for a year and I have sent my life change. I have become healthier and more energetic. So far, I have lost 25 pounds and my blood pressure is perfect: 118 over 70. My percentage of fat has decreased while my muscle mass has increased. I am more active and I feel great!*

    Kristine Lee
    Kristine Lee Anaheim Hills, CA
  • "...getting me back in shape" ...Training with Pshemek is always challenging and interesting. His methods were instrumental in getting me back in shape after my second child...*

    Stacey Kwasizur
    Stacey Kwasizur Newport Coast, Newport Beach CA
  • ",..increase in strength, stamina and flexibility." After having worked with Pshemek for only a couple of weeks, my husband and I had already realized an increase in strength, stamina and flexibility. Because we have different requirements in terms of a workout, my husband and I have chosen to have individual sessions, back-to-back. Pshemek has designed exercise programs to fit both our individual needs, with no one session every being the same, making our workouts both challenging and never routine. Additionally, our programs incorporate many core strengthening exercises since both my husband and I have had back surgery. Pshemek has impressed us as being not only a very knowledgeable trainer, but one who takes a very personal interest in helping his clients achieve their desired results.*

    Kathie & Jan Verbeek
    Kathie & Jan Verbeek Anaheim Hills, CA

*results may vary for each individual


How long is the session?

Each session is 60 min long.

What if I need to lose 100 LB?

You can do it by focusing on losing 5 LB at a time. For some cases, you should also consult your personal physician.

When am I going to see results?

Probably no sooner than after 30 days.
You have to give some time for a change to come into place.

What if I get bored very easy?

To prevent boredom we apply the principle of cross-training. It means that two consecutive workouts are never the same. For example: one day is weight training with dumbells, second day is kickboxing, third day is yoga etc…

How do I avoid injury?

By concentrating on the correct form of each exercise. Your trainer will demonstrate and explain a proper body mechanics for each exercise.

What if I am very uncoordinated to the point of embarassment?

Your trainer will help you select exercises that are appropriate to your level.

What about supplements?

I do not take them, buy them or sell them. If you consume a well-balanced diet you do not need supplements. I can advise you on a meal plan for your personal needs and tastes.

Do I need any equipment?

No, your trainer will bring everything you need.

What do you mean by outdoor workouts?

Running/Hiking hills, stairs, biking, walking in the sand, pull-ups, dips, sprints. Outdoor workout will depend on weather, evironment and your physical condition.

Do you train kids? What age is a proper time to start training?

Yes I do, ages 5 and up.


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Areas of Service: Orange County, California
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